PPC Welcome Email Marketing & Automation

Objective: Automation welcome series of emails that are triggered based on new and existing customer status.  Solution: Set up Active Campaign and Mail Chimp to acquire and manage new and existing customer signups. Tie into existing customer databases through company CRM. Design responsive emails and use platforms, such as the drydene website email sign up […]

DRF Shakedown Product Development

Objective: Create new packaging labels for Drydene DRF Shakedown Break-in Dirt Racing Motor Oil product line.  Solution: Designed and registered the Shakedown sub-brand logo for the series of break-in motor oil for dirt racing engines. Create and incorporate “Competitive Grade ZDDP” additive designation logo. Built final label art and digitally wrapped them on plain bottle […]

DuraMAX/Drydene 400 Social Media

Challenge: Design a social media race imaging campaign designed and messaged to excite and inform about the upcoming race at Dover Motor Speedway and our exclusive sponsorship of Corey LaJoie in the number 7 Chevy. Campaign ran throughout April 2022 to promote the May 1st race day. Solution: Designed custom-sized banners for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, […]

DuraMAX NOLN Email Campaign

Challenge: Promote DuraMAX PCMO products to NOLN (National Oil & Lube News) installer audience via email Co-Op program opportunity. Design and message email to work effectively across desktop and mobile responsive platforms. Solution: Use the DuraMAX “Best-Selling Oil Brand Since 2018” NOLN designation to emphasize  brand credibility within the installer aftermarket industry. Added warranty, loyalty […]