Drydene Print Ads

Objective: Develop Drydene-branded ads for various industry publications from racing event programs to oil and lube magazines and chamber of commerce directories. Solution: Created multiple templates in Adobe Indesign for easy image and text drop-ins for customizations. Conducted product photoshoots and incorporated QR codes for tracking. Wrote copy to specific audiences and product lines including […]

Retraplex Diamond Blue Grease Email Marketing

Objective: Develop email marketing campaign to announce the launch of the new Drydene-brand Diamond Blue HD industrial grease. Solution: Build a targeted list of existing/active PPC customers using similar competitor grease products in qualified industrial and commercial¬† industries. Message email with announcement of new Diamond Blue grease and when it will be ready to order […]

Drydene Custom Google Data Metrics Sheet

Objective: Develop a metrics dashboard to help the leadership team review successes and improvements needed for the drydene.com website. Results: Developed Google Data Studio live metrics worksheet. Include Google Ads, social media referral traffic, form submission activity, and goals. We were able to determine strengths and weaknesses leading to actionable strategies, including driving more targeted […]

Drydene Website Development

Challenge: Plan, design and develop a user experience and navigation interface for a Drydene-branded website. Integrate the Drydene racing program, industry landing pages, and an e-commerce platform for a customer sals portal. Incorporate sales funnel entry points to capture and track sales leads. Use Drydene brand guidelines and agreed site map hierarchy within a PHP […]

Drydene Dover Doubleheader Weekend

Objective: Design Drydene sponsored Doubleheader Weekend event logo for NASCAR and Dover International Speedway. Build Landing page to promote and drive Mustang Giveaway contest and event information. Results: Final designed logo was designed and released for TV/video production, digital signage, track graphics and promotional materials such as caps, t-shirts, pens, pads, banners, etc. Developed landing […]

Drydene PCMO Product Packaging

Objective: Design Drydene product PCMO retail-level volume packaging for all categories based on brand guidelines and production specifications. Solution: All designs produced to specification for all volume SKUs of heavy-duty and automotive oils, greases, gear oils and transmission fluids. Labels were approved to meet state and federal compliance and regulatory statutes. Created 3D bottle mockup […]