Eastwood Website and Google Ads

Challenge: Develop digital ad banner campaigns to promote everything from sweepstakes promos to new product releases throughout all Google standard digital ads, Google re-marketing campaigns, and designated banners posted throughout the Eastwood website. Solution: Built all banners to respective sizes and deploy through Google network and the Eastwood website. All photography is directed by myself […]

Eastwood ElastiWrap Coating Product Line

Objective: Design new brand logo and package design for new Eastwood product line of multipurpose rubberized paint coatings rivaling Plastidip. ElastiWrap saves money, because it requires less coats to achieve a thicker, more uniform coating with a richer color than the competitor.  Results: Designed and developed the ElastiWrap brand logo, aerosol, gallon and pint containers. […]

Eastwood Chassis Black Email Campaign

Objective: Communicate a 35% OFF Chassis Black paint category product sale to 254,000 active and inactive customers who have purchased from Eastwood over the past 5 years.  Solution: Used picture of undercarriage of vehicle as to where the product is primarily applied as a backdrop for the sale message. Used the three primary product subcategories […]

Eastwood Chassis Black Product Line

Objective: Redesign the Eastwood Chassis Black product line with new Eastwood-branded logo and graphics. Develop a UX design model for the Chassis Black landing page. Solution: Incorporated the new Eastwood brand logo and graphics for all gallon, quart and aerosol product lines. Build a UX prototype using Adobe Muse (This was done when UX development […]